About Bitbloggers

“Bitblogger” is a moniker that Kate Singleton & Margot Harrington adopted for the new wave of small-time bloggers who are creating incredible, meaningful content but who don’t have a very large voice (yet). Bitbloggers are the long-tail, the fledglings or the mom-and-pops if-you-will of the blogosphere.

About Kate:

Kate writes Art Hound, which she started without pretext at the advice of her husband in 2009. Recently she launched Buy Some Damn Art which sells affordable, original art. No, really. Kate loves her two cats, cake, feminists, and Dlisted. She lives (and eats well) in Brooklyn.

Read Kate’s Bitblogger interview here.

About Margot:
A hustler freelance graphic designer and editor of design blog Pitch Design Union, Margot’s been creating content for and on the web since 2008. You can find her contributing to the Fox is Black, Outpost, as well as Studio Sweet Studio. Captivated by all forms of making and doing, Margot’s collaborations run a gamut of media from letterpress to CSS. Her friends include ampersands, Chicago, antique books, new recipes, bike rides and all things vintage.

Read Margot’s Bitblogger interview here.


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