Getting Personal Part I

A few weeks ago Margot and I hosted a round-table discussion at Alt Summit, a gathering of design & lifestyle bloggers in its 3rd year. Our round-table was all about small-time blogging and gave us a chance to connect face-to-face with other small-time bloggers, share stories and kvetch.

One of the BIG, overarching questions that came up during our discussion was “How personal do I get online?” to which I say ask yourself these questions…


1. Why are you blogging?

A. Pure boredom.

B. To kick-start your career 5.0.

C. To find other people who also love crocheted plant holders.


2. Who do you want your readers to see you as?

A. Alexa Chung

B. Carrie Brownstein

C. Martha Stewart

D. Everywoman!


3. Do your readers care about your personal life?

A. You blog about real estate. ‘Nuf said.

B. You blog about green living, and it’s all about your personal experiences… living a green life.

C. You blog about your sexcapades as a single New Yorker, and your readers want to know every juicy detail.


* Part II will take you through my own personal experience “getting personal.”


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