Not A Numbers Game

I’m tired of hearing how success on the internet is just a numbers game. It may be true for large-scale sites with million-dollar ad programs, but for small bloggers and online businesses these generalizations miss the point.

We “bitbloggers” have the advantage of often working for ourselves and having the freedom to run our sites whatever way we fancy. (Total creative freedom is the most powerful asset any blogger has.) Still we’re bombarded with hype around numbers and combined with the lack of dialog about quality, many bloggers buy into the numbers game. It clouds their judgement, skews their priorities and leads them to believe that only traffic can validate their work.

All of this sucks time and energy away from what’s important – creating valuable content, establishing a voice and cultivating relationships. What the numbers don’t get at is that your content – whatever it might be – is the single biggest factor of your success online. If your site is tremendous people will find you. They will come out of the woodwork and sing your praises. The one thing everyone on the internet has in common is that they’re all searching for meaningful, original content. Deliver that and the rest will follow.



  1. Oh my – I am SO glad I found your iste! I have been blogging just shy of a year and the REASON I started was to give voice to my passions – and nothing else. Well, fast forward a year and I feel like a constant failure – for not being bigger, having more Twitter followers, being at Alt, being a better baker/crafter/photographer, having a gorgeous stable of advertisers. You name it. It’s as if I’ve forgetten why I started this to begin with. Thank you for reminding me. I’m your newest fan. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the recipe – looks delicious (and who would leave out the booze?) 🙂

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